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To cast concrete with cranes CSC has developed and built a special bucket with an innovative opening/closing system, the most highly evolved and efficient of its kind on the market. It is so good in fact, that there have been numerous attempts to copy it!

The steel container , is shaped like a truncated cone while the centrally positioned discharge opening runs into a flexible pipe. The key feature of the system is the open-close device that allows the operator to keep a safe distance and work from a position that prevents any exposure to risk or danger.

When the worker tugs the cable , he activates the discharge mechanism and the concrete flows through a flexible pipe directly into the formwork, , giving a uniform cast that prevents any separation of components caused by dropping the cement onto the reinforcement frame. To close the device all the worker has to do is release the cable

When the valve is open, liquid, fluid concrete can sometimes spill out and scatter on the underlying work area. The “drop saver” device collects and recovers any such spillages.

Containers are available in a range of sizes, from a minimum of 400 litres to a maximum of 2000. Each bucket has its own ID plate and EC declaration of conformity.