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( walls of extensive surface area )

Formwork consisting of a 10 cm thick aluminium profile frame the part in contact with the cement is lined with multi-layer wooden panels.
The ML.A formwork has been developed through long-standing experience and the use of cutting-edge materials.
The special composition of the aluminium profiles confers a lightness that makes this type of formwork easy to manoeuvre, and strength on a par with steel.
This important feature is complemented by the simplicity of the system: a single steel clamp is used for all couplings, both horizontal and vertical.
This same component can be used for both ML.A aluminium/wood and M/L steel/wood formworks and can also be used to couple the two different types of panel to form a single casting surface: just one connection component for safe, simple assembly.

The possibility of assembling aluminium and steel panels together means that the passage to a new type of formwork can be made gradually, thus allowing costs to be spread over a longer period.
Suitable for all types of building site application, ML.A panels can also be installed manually, thus reducing handling times and costs.
A special paint protects the aluminium frames from corrosion and the casting surface consists of a single multi-layer wooden mantle treated with phenolic resin.

Weight: 23 Kg/m2