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Modular panels for variable-form WALLS and PILLARS

Formwork consisting of a 7.5 cm thick steel frame: the part in contact with the cement is lined with multi-layer wooden panels.
User-friendliness and simplicity of technology make ML.S panels highly versatile and suitable for the production of a wide range of items even on the same building site. With just a few standard components it is possible to assemble the panel in both the horizontal and vertical position , to achieve the desired lengths and heights.
The same panel and the same accessories can be used to make walls, foundations, lifts, adjustable variable-form pillars, both square and rectangular, with measurements that can be varied by multiples of 5 cm at each individual assembly.
The steel frame is hot-galvanised after construction to ensure that all the internal and external surfaces of its component boxed profiles are treated.
The casting surface consists of a single multi-layer wooden mantle treated with phenolic resin.

Weight: 32 Kg/m2