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Extensive experience in the industry has allows us to develop a standardised hydraulic climbing formwork system that has been used successfully both in Italy and other countries.

The need to reduce the manufacturing costs of very high items is leading to the widespread abandon of traditional assembly/dismantling techniques in favour of solutions that are less labour-intensive.
To meet that need and suit any item shape, the climbing formwork provides support for the just-cast concrete for the time needed to give it the desired form.

The climbing formwork is advantageous as it provides: good repetition, constant hollow cross-section and height.
The system comes complete with a hydraulic lift and a caisson levelling and lifting automatism which ensures proper verticality.

Given the lightweight, compact design which makes it easy to handle , the high daily output levels and the stability and safety of the built-in work surfaces , it is evident that constructing items with this unit is highly advantageous.
The absence of tie-rod holes and the elimination of accessory ground-fixed scaffolding makes the equipment even more user-friendly - to the extent that it has become indispensable for tasks of this type.