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Prefabricated SCAFFOLDING

All construction projects requiring work to be carried out more than 2 metres above ground must employ measures to prevent the fall of persons or objects. Such measures must comply with worker safety requisites yet must also allow for fast assembly and disassembly.

In addition to traditional pipe and clamp systems, CSC, also produces, for pre-fab scaffolding, portal and H-frames with pins or bushings. The frames can be stacked and are braced with longitudinal/transverse/diagonal elements to provide a reliable work surface that maximises user safety.
In addition to the standard components, this scaffolding also features a range of accessories that provides a fast response to all your assembly needs.

Following its acquisition of Pontex scaffolding CSCcontinues to produce - under its own brand name - existing models that have been used on markets successfully for decades.
In compliance with the standards in force, all scaffolding is thoroughly tested and authorised by the Ministry or Work and Social Security.

At the time of sale the material is supplied together with a booklet containing:
  • authorisation for construction and use
  • calculations concerning different modes of use
  • instruction diagrams
  • instructions for assembly and dismantling
A booklet is also supplied with Pontex scaffolding.