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Modular systems simplify and speed up floor caisson assembly/dismantling on both civil and industrial construction projects.
Several types of structure can be used depending on the size of the floor and specific building site needs.

TU reinforcement frames are standard hand-manoeuvrable, height-adjustable, longitudinally/transversely/diagonally-braced elements equipped with forked transverse beams to receive the wooden beams.

They can be overlapped or fitted at the ends of standard scaffolding frames to reach considerable heights.

Floor-assembly tableforms are pre-assembled structures designed for immediate use on extensive surface areas.
Easily moved on dollies, they simplify assembly/dismantling and thus shorten work times and cut costs.

These highly versatile systems are the rational response to all your floor construction needs and are ideal for a wide range of applications. Both equipment items can be used together with metallic structures to make beans which protrude from the floor ceiling.